Let the challenge commence!

Days 1-3

As they set off on the journey of a lifetime, Carl, Helen, Andy and the rest of their courageous comrades have been sending regular updates to inform of their progress and feelings throughout the trip!

The first day of the Costa Rica Challenge arrived and our team were all packed up and ready to rumble! Although feeling nervous (and excited of course), after months of training and hard work, the team are all prepared both mentally and physically, along with their heavy yet essential expedition kits.

Following a lengthy 11-hour flight, the group were met by the expedition organisers, Alan Chambers and Wayne Hoyle. The first checkpoint along the route was the bustling capital city of Costa Rica, San Jose. It’s here that our execs plotted up for the first night, with a cheeky beer to settle in and get to know the rest of the brave bunch they’ll be spending the next week with!

After a night’s rest, everyone was itching to get started. The real preparation kicked off on Day 2 with a transfer North, near the Caribbean Coast. This was essentially the main starting point and initial camp where all preparations, full briefings and checks have taken place to set off the following morning on the challenging expedition.

Our team was up at the crack of dawn to transfer to the Pacuare River, located on the borders of the rugged TalamancaMountain Range, where kayaks became the main mode of transport for a lengthy 10km! As they travelled from the river mouth, a risky area with occasional visitors in the form of bull sharks, the team were surrounded by dense rainforest, with sightings of wildlife including a toucan and a sloth, followed by the cultivation of banana plantations as they reached their next stop, Freeman.

As they reached their mid-way check point, shoulders were certainly aching! From Freeman, there’s no rest for the wicked, as the group had to jump onto their mountain bikes for a 28km ride through jungle and rivers to finally reach Finca Pacuarito Camp for the night, to recuperate as best as possible for the upcoming days. Time to rest those sore bottoms!