Costa Rica Challenge March 2020

For a good cause, some people do challenging things when fundraising to encourage people to dig a little bit deeper. Well, this challenge without question hits the criteria for that!

With a little help from former Special Forces and Royal Marines, Alan Chambers MBE and Wayne Hoyle, we find ourselves trekking, cycling and white-water rafting across the volcanoes, rivers and jungles of Costa Rica all in aid of a fantastic cause.

So, call us bonkers, question our decision making if you like, but please would you be kind enough to support us and a very worthwhile cause?

Our Trail

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Check out a live view of our Costa Rica Challengers as they make their way through their trail.

Raised so far…

Target £20000

  • Running Total: £15,180.00
  • Offline Total: £600.00
  • Total Gift Aid: £2,613.75
  • Total Donors: 122

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Sponsors so far...

About the team

“We” are a team of three Directors at Away Resorts that have come together to help contribute to an amazing cause that is very close to our hearts. More of that in a moment, first… the intrepid adventurers! Helen Bacon is our Director of People Strategy, Andy Edge is our Chief Commercial Officer and Carl Castledine is the Chief Executive. He is also the one that roped the other two into this challenge! It’s fair to say we are all a little nervous!

The Cause

We have been inspired to support a start-up charity whose aim is to create a healing, magical resort... The Kids Village. In their own words, “Our clear aim is to help children with critical illnesses and their families across the UK by giving them crucial respite from the trauma of being in hospitals. We want to give them all hope, positivity and confidence through creating magical holiday experiences that will provide them all with amazing memories away from the day to day stresses of the medical environment.” Set in the heart of the UK, the experience for every guest will be “Cost free. Worry free. Memory rich.” Amazing!

The Challenge!

We aim to contribute to raising £1m in 2020 to bring this amazing charity to life. To achieve this, the challenge we will face in March is to travel coast to coast across Costa Rica from the Atlantic to the Pacific. We will be travelling East to West on foot, kayak, raft and bike… all in 9 days. This is some challenge for us all, but we know we can do it. Rest assured that we are personally and entirely funding all our travel, expedition and accommodation costs. Every penny of your donations goes straight to the charity. Could you help with a donation please? We would be so grateful for whatever you could provide and remember that 100% of the money raised will go towards building The Kids Village. Along the way, we will keep you updated with our training and then our progress during the challenge. Let the sleepless nights begin!